Skoryk Olena

Skoryk Olena


Associate Professor, PhD Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk National University, Dept. Biophysics and Biochemistry

1998-2003 – student of Dnipropetrovs’k National University of the department of Biophysics and Biochemistry
2003-2006 – postgraduate studies – Dnipropetrovs’k National University of the department of Biophysics and Biochemistry
Manuscript: Skorik E.D. Intensity of oxidative stress and composition of free amino acids in blood at the depression of Guerin’s carcinoma by rhenium cluster compounds Manuscript. Thesis for a scientific degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences by speciality 03.00.04 – Biochemistry. – Kyiv, 2009.- P.20.

Work experience:
2010 – present time – associate professor, department of Biophysics and Biochemistry DNU
2008 – 2010 – teaching assistant, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, DNU
2007 – 2008 – research fellow, Scientific Research Institute of Biology

Professional activity:
– Ukrainian Biochemical Society, Dnipropetrovsk
– Jan 2011-Feb 2012 – grant of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine: Heidelberg, Institute of Pharmacology and Molecular Biotechnology, Department of the Pharmacological Technology (Germany).

Research interests: Investigation of the antioxidant protection system of blood, lipid and protein metabolism under conditions of various pathologies. Studies of anticancer, antioxidant activity of organometallic compounds and prospects of their use in medicine.

Subjects, which includes in Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk National University:
a) Bachelor program:
– Bioorganic chemistry
– Modern physical and chemical methods and basics of biochemical studies
– Ecological Biochemistry
– Protein Engineering
b) Master Program
– Bioinorganic chemistry
– Biochemistry carcenogenesis and evolutionary biochemistry

Participation in forums:
2011 – VI International scientific Conference of Young scientists “Biology: from molecules to the biosphere” (Kharkov)
2012 – VIII Intern. scientific-technical. Conf. “Current issues of biological physics and chemistry” ( Sevastopol)
2012 – VIII International Conference “Youth and Progress of Biology” (Lviv)
2012 – XI conference of young oncologists Ukraine with participation of international experts “Modern Problems of Experimental and Clinical Oncology” (Kyiv)
2015 – Third International Scientific Conference “Actual problems of modern biochemistry and cell biology”, Dnepropetrovsk
2015 – XXIX International scientific-practical conference SCIENCE. INNOVATION. PROGRESS, Chernivtsi
2015 – International scientific and practical conference “Modern views on topical issues of theoretical, experimental and practical medicine”, Odessa


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